Calor Pax is a provider of energy services engineering, installation and process engineering, as well as services in the fields of energy management and energy conservation contracting.

We are your partners for all stages and aspects, economic or otherwise, of your projects – planning, implementation and servicing/maintenance related to energy. We are dedicated to maintaining a close and mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and partners.

Our activities are an expression of our motto: we want our most valuable resource — energy — to be used optimally in a sustainable way.

T. Schwarz (COO)
F. Schulze (CEO)


"It will be better to be a provider of energy than a consumer of energy for the next 20 years."

Aubrey K. McClendon,
chairman and CEO of
Chesapeake Energy Corp.,
Oklahoma City 20.Oct. 2002


Oct. 2007:
Amending of the Renewable Energy Sources Act is ongoing

Jul. 2007:
Mild winter leads to decreasing energy costs for the clients


Outsourcing for tailor-made energy supply solutions

Technical vegetable oil:
Delivery contracts especially for CHP’s

Energy consultancy for cost cutting and sustainability


Calor Pax is located in:

- Munich
- Rosenheim
- Others planned

Founded in 2007